Group Managing Director
GP Group

Nishita Shah Federbush is passionate about people. Putting people first is at the heart of everything she does as Group Managing Director of GP Group, a Thai-Indian conglomerate which includes a number of listed companies and has interests in a range of sectors, from healthcare and shipping to software and construction. 

Nishita is currently focusing on three people-centred areas. Firstly, she is looking at how to make GP Group a more engaging, relevant and enjoyable place to work for long-term team-members and younger generations alike. Secondly, she is using her keen eye for talent to help identify and connect with future-focused people to help drive the business in an increasingly dynamic and disruptive market — as well as ensuring the Group satisfies and retains its current talent. And thirdly, she is developing the Group’s corporate philanthropy initiatives to help support and empower the communities in which it operates.

The graduate of Boston University's School of Management is the first woman to lead the family business, which started off as a small rice-trading operation in India 150 years ago. While Nishita's father, Kirit Chimanlal Shah, spent most of the past four decades radically transforming the commodities trader into a more diverse group, a clear entrepreneurial vision has defined the company and its leaders for the past one and a half centuries. GP Group has achieved great success over the years by focusing on frontier markets and seeking opportunities in territories which many other businesses have chosen to avoid. 

Inspired by this impressive lineage and a commitment to see the company survive and thrive for another 150 years, Nishita is drawing on this entrepreneurial spirit to make her own mark by focusing on further professionalising the group's various companies, breaking down the silos and developing a stronger, more collaborative group identity and culture. 

Nishita, who is a frequent feature in Forbes Asia Rich List, is a member of the Thai Institute of Directors and has completed a number of its specialist modules as well as graduating from the University of Cambridge's Seatrade Academy. She also plays an active role in YPO Thailand and is a founding member of the new YPO Asean United chapter.

Outside of the boardroom, she spends her time with her young family and pursuing other interests which include flying, running and curating a good life. She currently divides her time between Manhattan and Bangkok.