Chairman, Lien Foundation
CEO, Asia Philanthropy Circle

Laurence Lien is Co-Founder and CEO of the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC), a membership-based platform for Asian philanthropists to exchange, learn and collaborate. APC members and their families have a substantial capacity to make a difference in the societies we live in, and share a belief that working collaboratively helps to grow social impact substantially. APC currently has more than10 member projects, mainly focused in ASEAN countries.

Laurence is the Chairman of Lien Foundation, a family foundation established in 1980. Under his leadership, Lien Foundation has become well-regarded for its forward-thinking and innovative approach. The foundation’s “radical philanthropy” philosophy is applied to addressing the challenges of early childhood education in Singapore, eldercare in Singapore and beyond, and water and sanitation problems in Asia. Its theory of change focuses on advocacy and experimenting with new models.

Laurence was the CEO of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre in Singapore from 2008- 2014. In 2008, he founded the Community Foundation of Singapore and is currently its Chairman. Prior to his work in the non-profit sector, Laurence served in the Singapore Administrative Service. He is also a Director of various companies under the Lien Ying Chow Pte Ltd group of companies.

Laurence holds degrees from Oxford University, the National University of Singapore, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 2010, Laurence was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship. He was also a Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore from 2012-2014.